Social Security Number Verification

Employers or landlords that want to run background checks on applicants would like to be sure that they get information on the correct people. Running a SSN verification report can provide information on whether or not the SSN is still valid, the person’s approximate age, and will show if it has been reported stolen. This helps confirm the identity of the person seeking employment or a lease

Social security number verification is also one of the methods that AAA Credit Screening Services uses to cross-reference provided information with information from public records, credit reports, criminal records and more.  Cross-referencing information helps ensure that only information on the correct applicants are reported.

Many online background check websites promise to provide detailed information about people, but they aggregate information available from a variety of sources never confirming the identity of the person being researched.  This is not useful to employers or landlords and can harm applicants due to a case of mistaken identity, someone with the same name or even another family member that has lived at the same address.

It is important to make sure that only FCRA compliant background check companies & members of PBSA – Professional Background Screening Association members are used to ensure the most accurate information is received.

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Address Checks – How does it work?

When you see address checks listed among the available reports that can be run on employment or tenant applicants, you may wonder why anyone would want that or what it is used for. mailboxes-2876343

Running an address check on an applicant can provide a background check company with previous addresses linked to the person in question using a variety of variables including information from the postal service, utility records, voter registration information, etc.  This helps determine jurisdictions that the applicant has lived in that they may have purposefully omitted on their application in an attempt to not have a criminal record check run in that jurisdiction.

Since not all jurisdictions report to state or nationwide databases, it is important to make sure that those that do not are discovered, especially if a candidate has omitted it from their past address history on an application.

Employment Background Checks – Warning Signs

Hiring managers are tasked with finding the best possible candidates before extending employment offers to new employees.  Employment background checks are an important part of the process, but it is not enough to just look at a criminal record, there are also other factors to consider before making a hiring decision.  Employers should look at:

  1. Resume Inconsistencies – Look for time-lines that don’t add up compared to credit reports, criminal records and what they say in an interview.
  2. Criminal Records – nationwide criminal records including all jurisdictions that a candidate has lived in.
  3. Credit History – mostly for employees that will deal with cash, accounting or finance.
  4. Reference Checks – calling co-workers and former employers can provide insight into the applicant’s character.
  5. Prior Address Checks – to ensure that criminal and civil record checks are run in all the necessary jurisdictions
  6. Education & Credential Verification – to make sure that they have the degrees and certificates that they claim to have
  7. Driving Records – can provide a sense of responsibility, outstanding DWIs, DUIs, traffic violations, etc.

To read the complete article and descriptions of the above mentioned topics, click on Employment Background Check Warning Signs


Resume Fraud

Are your job applicants representing themselves accurately on their resumes?

An article published earlier this year by Fox Business pointed to research that has revealed employee applicants in the millennial and Generation Z age ranges are more likely to lie on their resumes than older applicants. In fact, over 1 in 10 applicants born during that range between the years of 1981 and 2010 admitted to some kind of resume fraud.questions-1328465.png

AAA Credit Screening Services strive to help clients weed through the lies and provide an accurate picture into the character and history of employment applicants.  To read more about available resources, click on Resume Fraud.

I-9 Verification Services

What is I-9 Verification?

“Form I-9 is used for verifying the identity and employment authorization of individuals hired for employment in the United States. All U.S. employers must ensure proper completion of Form I-9 for each individual they hire for employment in the United States. This includes citizens and noncitizens.”

– U.S.Citizenship and Immigration Services

I-9 verification can be a time consuming, but necessary task to conduct on employees to make sure that they are eligible for employment in the US.  Employers that do not maintain proper I-9 forms could be fined for not maintaining proper forms as well as knowingly hiring ineligible workers.  Companies found in violated could also lose their capability to participate in government contracts.i-9


  • Penalties for failing to produce I-9 forms range from $110 to $1,100 per violation.
  • Penalties for knowingly hiring and continuing to employ ineligible workers range from $375 to $16,000 per violation.

To read more about the I-9 inspection process, visit the ICE website.

AAA Credit Screening Services is an E-Verify employer agent and can run I-9 verification services on behalf of employers as part of the employment background check process.  To read more, click on I-9 Verification.


Seasonal Employees

The holidays are fast approaching and a rush to get qualified employees to fill available seasonal positions have started.  Companies need to make sure that they do the same due diligence when it comes to seasonal employment as they would their regular employees, after-all they will be working alongside full-time employees within the business just like everyone else.seasonal3

Companies still have a risk of theft, embezzlement and workplace violence when hiring seasonal employees, so running complete background checks on applicants is essential before making employment offers.

Employment background checks can include criminal records, credit reports (usually for employees that work with money or in accounting/finance), driving records, reference checks and more.  For more information click on Employment Background Checks.